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This Executive Education Course teaches you how to ....
Uniquely Perform
How to succeed using ancient and scientifically-based leadership secrets. Learn why ancient Samurai and modern genetic science methods outperform current leadership theory. 
Grow Faster
How to strategically grow your organization rapidly. Existing cases include performance growth of 3 to 10 times in several short years.
Lead Powerfully 
What followers really follow. Its not what you think and flies in the face of current management teachings. Learn how to lead better and gain faster alignment on goals.

Mike Mellano. CEO, Mellano & Company

"The most critical shift of strategy and leadership in our’ 87 years! Provided us the courage to act, and an immediate 6x ROI the first year; including driving sales team productivity up 40% and tripling the profit in an underperforming division."

Gordon Attridge. Vice President, NuTech Engineering

"Had a profound effect on the entire group. Don’s effective and unconventional style changed the way we work and eliminated the non-productive activities of our managers. We have created SAGA disciples."  

Curriculum Benefits
Grow and enhance market performance faster

Execute strategy more rapidly

Enhance sustainability of training and coaching investments 

Reduce political infighting, and increase bravery and honor in the culture

Get everyone to buy-in and consistently perform at higher levels

Foundation Methodology
In this curriculum, Don Schmincke shares discoveries in increasing leadership performance by applying genetics, evolution, neurology, anthropology and other cross-disciplines.

What proves true in modern corporations correlate with patterns seen in organizations over the past 5,000 years. 

All funding supports further research, 
and new findings are added to the content you receive on a regular basis!
Module 1: 
Renegade Leadership

Videos: 8
This module takes an in-depth look into leadership traits examined by Don while climbing some of the most dangerous mountains in the world with Chris Warner (CEO of Earth Treks).
Major learning points include:

Managing Beliefs

Defining DUD behavior

Finding Drama in your Organization

Why Drama can be a good thing

Accepting Organizational Death and Rebirth
Module 2: Managing Beliefs

Videos: 3

Worksheets: 1

This module dives into how exactly to manage your teams beliefs about your organization and their role in a greater theme.
Major learning points include:

Defining tool seduction

Signs of tool seduction in your organization

Understanding the root of productivity issues

Managing and changing your team's beliefs with a higher cause

Module 3: Strategic Saga Creation

Videos: 5

Worksheets/ Research Papers: 3
This module continues with the theme of managing beliefs to change organizational performance with specific steps on how to excel. Here, Don also explains how specific layers of the brain, and the ego, allow for leaders to dominate the neocortex of their followers.
Major learning points include:

Organizational Selfishness

Saga Creation

Ego and the Brain

Saga Existence in Your Organization

Module 4: Creating a Tribal Environment

Videos: 4

Worksheets: 1
This module looks in-depth into unconscious triggers that may be costing your team and your organization time and money.
Major learning points include:

What is a tribal environment?

What roles do symbols, rituals, and magic, play in the mindset of employees?

How do these things create an organization's culture?

Comfort, and it's role on performance

How exactly can you craft and control your tribal environment?

Module 5: Power Leadership

Videos: 5

Worksheets: 5
This module focuses on action steps for moving forward. Manager assessment tools, DUD behavior Analysis formula, and a 9-step implementation outline are all included in this section, helping you to put what you've learned throughout the course to good use.
Major learning points include:

 More in-depth definitions and analysis of the previous 4 modules of the course, 

Tools you'll need to apply these time-tested methods to your own organization.
Bonus Webinars

As a member, you'll have access to monthly webinars with Don Schmincke, himself. During these sessions, you'll be able to ask questions regarding the course content, implementation strategies, or anything else you'd like Don's consultation with.

You'll also get access to pre-recorded webinars from previous months that provide multiple hours of extra content and advice from the original Renegade Leadership Expert.

All of the proceeds from this course go back into our non-profit research organization.

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